About us

The MG Demolition Story


MG Demolition is a global demolition company with an extensive track record in wreck removals and decommissioning projects as well as the recycling of scrap metals and waste disposal. The company was founded by two renowned operators in the demolition industry.

We aim to introduce new techniques in the wreck removal industry, offering safer and cheaper solutions with exceptional results.

Thanks to the combination of specialist equipment, experience, innovative solutions, and strong commercial capabilities, MG Demolition is in a unique position to oversee and execute major wreck removal projects.

MG Demolition has a solid reputation, combining knowledge and expertise and offering virtually unlimited wreck removal capabilities with branches and partners along every major shipping route.

All these partners have the necessary materials that can be deployed at a moment's notice.

Solid standard

MG Demolition stands for Clean & Green Operations, Clear & Transparent Conditions - A Professional Approach - Innovative Thinking - A Financial Guarantee. That is our trademark! The goal is 90% green recycling, all in the most sustainable manner, with traceability of all the assets to their ultimate (old and new) owners as per the IMO Hong Kong Convention and EU regulations.

In an era where the industry is engaged in a never-ending debate about risk transfer and additional clauses to the standard BIMCO Contracts, MG Demolition adheres to the standard BIMCO Contracts, based on the old No Cure - No Pay principle. We ven take over ownership of the wreck when we sign an agreement. Once we have an agreement, we are committed to that contract. "We do what we say and say what we do."

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Professional approach

Our employees are the key to our success. We expect them to do their utmost to create a safe working environment, based on mutual respect, that is free of harassment, intimidation, bias, or discrimination of any kind.

Innovative thinking

To meet the highest industry standards, we employ talented crews with a hands-on mentality.

Our teams consist of people from different disciplines, who are united by a shared passion for excellence. We are specialists in our field, we feel responsible for the work we do, and we care for health & safety and the environment. We value customer satisfaction and take pride in our work. MG Demolition guarantees a professional approach towards operations. Our operational strategies are developed by a team of salvage experts, operational managers and naval architects. Prior to any operation, we develop an execution plan, including and not limited to a Method Statement, QHSE plans and a risk analysis, which we discuss with our customer to guarantee the best approach towards a good result.

Corporate Social Responsiblity


Health and safety

Health and Safety are core values of MG Demolition. Our organization reflects our objective of creating and maintaining a safe and secure working environment. All operational employees, freelancers and partners are in the possession of a personal VCA* or VCA**certificate, ensuring their own perception of operational risks and dangers on the spot. During project engagements we make sure to include a Salvage Master or Operational Manager, performing with the additional responsibility of being a licensed SHE-Coordinator. A Safe and healthy working environment stimulates commitment, experience and overall quality.


MG Demolition, has been involved in dozens of onshore and offshore demolition projects. During these operations we prevent spillage of hundreds of tons of chemical and hazardous materials. In advance of operations, we develop an anti-pollution plan in order to minimize the amount or even completely prevent spillage of chemical and hazardous substances. We develop a waste recycling plan, including disposal activities for regular, hazardous and chemical waste materials. Working only with internationally recognized and certified partners, we ensure to maintain our status of being a responsible organization.

Quality standard

Quality is an organization’s signature. Our strength lies within the experienced crew, top-market equipment, innovative problem solving abilities, and a significant distinction when it comes to fast handling with respect for health, safety and environment. In order to gain a 5-star quality evaluation from our client, communication, transparency and proper process management is of great importance. Before each operation we conduct an intensive inspection in order to develop a solid and accurate work plan.We operate according to our Quality over Quantity philosophy.

Local partners

International partners and local communities form an important part of our corporate policy.As we promise our clients a top-market quality, we carefully select and instruct external organizations in order to comply to our high working standards. Each partner, both national and international, must be in possession of the required certifications regarding quality, health, safety and environmental management within their particular market. Involving international partners and local communities is our way of sharing experience and providing opportunities for smaller organizations and establish long-term relationships.